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                                • Talent scope
                                  Strive to create "everyone is a usable talent
                                  The scope of corporate talents where everyone can reflect their value.
                                • team of genius
                                  Create a team that keeps pace with the times.
                                  A team of responsible, hardworking and innovative talents.
                                • Talent spirit
                                  Inherit the spirit of the quartz people.
                                  Undertake the mission of the rise of the quartz industry.
                                  Walk with Philip.

                                Job Offers

                                • JobNameWorkplaceUpdateTimeDetails
                                • R & D Engineer (electronic cloth direction)Jingzhou2021-01-07
                                  Recruitment2people/ ??萍耙陨? 3年Work Experience



                                  Job Requirements

                                  1、Bachelor degree or above, age 32-45 years old;

                                  2、Familiar with the entire production process of glass fiber electronic cloth, and be proficient in the technical essentials of key processes;

                                  3、Served as an important production technical position related to electronic cloth in a large glass fiber enterprise, with more than three years of work experience.

                                Address:湖北省荊州市東方大道68號 (68 Dongfang Avenue, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province)

                                Focus on Feilihua
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