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                                Cultural Philosophy

                                • Company Mission

                                  Provide the overall solution of high-performance quartz glass and quartz fiber products for the electronic information industry and aerospace fields to realize the rise of China's quartz.

                                Company Vision

                                Build a century-old Felihua brand and become a world-class enterprise.

                                • Core Value

                                  Absorption, integrity, innovation, enterprising

                                • Business Philosophy

                                  Creating, Sharing, Winning

                                • Quality policy

                                  Scientific management, rapid response, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

                                • Environmental policy

                                  While providing high-quality products and services with continuous technological progress and strict management, we also pay attention to the social responsibility of environmental protection and energy conservation, and always adhere to the direction of healthy and sustainable development.

                                • Occupational Health and Safety Policy

                                  Based on compliance with laws and regulations, adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", continue to improve occupational safety and health, and create a harmonious enterprise.
                                Address:湖北省荊州市東方大道68號 (68 Dongfang Avenue, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province)

                                Focus on Feilihua
                                Enterprise Wechat

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